16 Ways to Boost Office Productivity

Staying as productive as possible in the workplace can be a challenge, especially when there are many day-to-day distractions that are often unavoidable. So where does that leave you? How do you boost your productivity when things start to get a little too much?

Here are a few ways both you and your team can increase productivity at work...

1. List your priorities for the day

Okay - so it might be an obvious tip, but you'd be surprised how many people don't consider their priorities for the day before getting down to work. With a clear list of what you need to work on immediately, you'll avoid distracting yourself with other less important tasks.

2. Eat healthy foods and snacks throughout the day to avoid energy crashes

The food we eat is really important in boosting our brain power. If you're snacking on chocolate, crisps, sweets and energy drinks all day then you can expect to feel sleepy and sluggish in the afternoon. Keep healthy snacks in your office to stay fuelled up for a productive day.

3. Hold morning standing meetings

Meetings done badly can be highly unproductive. But meetings that are efficient and to the point can boost team morale and energy. Evidence shows that hosting a standing meeting can result in decreased territoriality and improved group performance. Kickstart your day with a standing meeting and set expectations and goals for the week.

4. Put your phone on silent

Did you know, scrolling through social media, text messaging and sending emails ranks as the fourth biggest workplace distraction behind snacking, bathroom breaks and chatting with coworkers.

5. Time chunking

Shift your focus between tedious and repetitive tasks and those that are more engaging. This way you'll find yourself more happily involved in your work throughout the day.

6. Take exercise breaks

Many studies have suggested that exercise during work time may actually help improve productivity. There are a number of exercises you can do without even leaving your desk, including stretches, leg lifts and some yoga poses.

7. Keep your office tidy

A tidy desk makes for a tidy mind. Instead of wasting time looking for things that you've misplaced around your desk or office, have a good clear up and declutter to create a more productive work environment. Read more about the seven benefits of a clean desk policy here.

8. Plants

Having plants around the office is a good way to boost productivity and optimism in the office. They'll also clean the air of toxins, which will help keep your workspace fresh. Need some inspiration? Here are 12 tips for a greener workplace.

9. Allow for more breaks

Taking regular short breaks can increase productivity by allowing employees to collect their thoughts and take time to bounce ideas off one another. Consider allowing your employees to take a short break every hour or so instead of limiting them to one break a day.

10. Upgrade your lights

You might not think it, but changing the lights in your office can improve the overall mood and productivity of your employees. Fluorescent lights that flicker and buzz can cause disruption, distraction and annoyance. Conversely, you might have an underlit office, which can create a lethargic environment. Find out what the best lighting system is for your office, and also ask your employees what they would prefer.

11. Give everyone a 'busy' sign

Offering employees some kind of sign or signal they can use to show others they're busy and can't talk is a great way to eliminate disruption and boost office productivity.

12. Provide proper equipment

Purchasing the right office equipment from reliable brands can save a lot of time and hassle fixing things that may brake or become old and outdated.

13. Flexible work options

Providing flexible working hours for your staff can be one of the best ways to improve their efficiency. While some employees can be very switched on early in the morning, others may not produce their best work until later on in the afternoon. Giving people the option to choose their hours helps workers devote their most productive hours to your business.

14. Use a messaging platform to cut down on emails

Help eliminate unnecessary emails by implementing an office collaboration system for easier communication. Some examples of popular messaging platforms for the office include Whatsapp, Slack, Skype and Yammer. Find out about some other very useful apps here.

15. Recognise achievements

It's important for employees to know that their hard work is recognised and rewarded. Employee incentive programmes, regular rewards and acknowledgement from senior staff members can go a long way towards boosting office productivity.

16. Ask your staff

If you want to know the best ways to improve the overall mood and efficiency levels of your office, the most important thing to do is ask your staff. Get them to share what they think, as each person will know what keeps them alert and productive. 

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