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Tech enabled meeting rooms

Convey a professional image from the get-go – book a purpose-built meeting room in easy-to-reach locations in the South. Our Concierge team will take care of every need while you host a successful meeting.
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What are the benefits of a meeting room in South England?

  • quality-sound-insulation-coral
    Quality sound insulation
    Get the peace and quiet you need for your meeting
  • wifi-orange
    Supercharged connectivity
    Ultra-reliable IT with support and advice
  • concierge-service-orange
    Concierge service
    Second-to-none hospitality from people with a passion for service
  • communal-spaces-orange
    Collaboration spaces
    Take a break from your meeting in business-class space
  • air-con-orange
    Climate control
    Adjust air temperature to keep your delegates fresh and productive
  • meeting-room-orange
    Tech enabled meeting rooms
    State-of-the-art IT and interactive AV equipment provided

Book your meeting room in the South

Where would you like to book your next meeting room? Choose our exceptional locations across South England.

South Meeting Rooms FAQs

  • What are the opening hours for meeting rooms in the South?

    Meetings rooms in the South of the UK are open from 9am for pre-booked meetings and can be booked throughout the day, Monday to Friday. Meeting rooms are available for hire at all of our locations with rooms closing at 6pm.

  • How much does it cost to hire a meeting room in the South?

    Meeting rooms in the South start from £15 per hour in Slough or £55 for a half day suitable for up to 4 attendees. Prices vary across the South depending on the location and room quest size.

  • What is included in a South England meeting room?

    All of our meeting rooms in the South are sound dampened for better privacy for your meeting or call. Fast and reliable internet connection and on site technical support ensure you have a trouble free connection. Each meeting space in our offices in the South have climate control and an on site concierge service with drink making facilities.

  • Can our meeting rooms in the South be used for Zoom calls?

    We have a number of small meeting rooms across the South of the UK that are ideal for Zoom calls video calls that guarantee on site IT support, fast and reliable WiFi as well as sound isolation to reduce noise interference. We also provide virtual office space across the UK and a selection of locations in the South outside London.

  • How do I book a meeting room in the South?

    Booking is simple via the Orega website, start by choosing which location in the south of England that best suits you. Complete the quick and easy booking form letting us know, how many participants, the time and date of your meeting. Alternatively please call your preferred building and speak to one of our helpful team to book your desired room and any additional needs for equipment and concessions.

  • How to book a meeting room for a day in the South?

    All of our southern locations have meeting rooms available to hire for the full day with prices starting from £96 in Slough, suitable for 4 attendees. Prices vary on location and room size with rooms open from 8am, Monday to Friday and south meeting rooms closing at 6pm daily.

  • What meeting room types are available in South England?

    We’ve got small meeting rooms that are perfect for interviews, as well as large meeting rooms or conference rooms, ideal for board meetings. Each room is fully equipped for presentations or blended meetings with on site support. Choose from any of our six buildings across the South with meeting room sizes from 4 people up to 32. 

  • Can I book a meeting room for multiple days in the South?

    It is possible to book any of our South meeting rooms for multiple days where available, using our online booking system. We advise checking the availability for all of the days you require the room before beginning your booking. Alternatively you can call your chosen office and arrange the meeting by phone to arrange your chosen meeting space for as many days as you require.

  • Do I need to book a room in advance in the South?

    At Orega we will always try to accommodate last minute meeting room bookings at all of our offices in the South, but advise booking in advance to avoid disappointment, pre-booking your meeting space with adequate time for your meeting will guarantee the room will be available for the duration of your meeting and prepared before your arrival. For short notice meeting rooms please contact our customer service team who will try to help you with your booking.

  • Can I book a meeting room in the South for a short period?

    All of our meeting room bookings in the South are for a minimum of one hour. And we recommend booking your meeting room for an adequate amount of time for your meeting to avoid conflicts with other room hires. Each room is available from 8am seven days a week.

  • Can I extend my booking for meeting rooms in the South?

    Providing there is no conflict with your pre-booked room our customer service team will be happy to help extend your room hire. Although we cannot guarantee your room will be available we will try to accommodate your request. To prevent any disappointment we encourage you to book an adequate amount of time for your meeting or interview.

  • Is catering available in my meeting room in the south

    When booking your meeting room using the online booking service with Orega you will have the option to choose additional catering. All of our south meeting rooms have onsite drink making facilities and optional onsite / offsite catering where available.

Products and Services in the South

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    Serviced Offices

    We’re not precious about our name above the door! Brand our serviced offices in the South as you like and move in quickly on flexible terms.
  • virtual-offices-1

    Virtual Offices

    Choose a modern and centralised location for your business address and project an image of professionalism with a virtual office in the South.
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    Meeting Rooms

    Your guests will have no problem getting to our meeting rooms, with great transport links from across the UK.