Conference Rooms for Hire

Find the perfect Conference Room

Finding the perfect conference room for your next meeting is easy when booking with us - we have locations across the UK, all with excellent transport links. So, if you are hoping to host your conference in a location easily reached by people across the country you will be pleased to find great options across our meeting room and conference room offering. 
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Tech-enabled conference rooms

Conference rooms aren’t just a space filled with lots of chairs. All of our conference rooms are tech enabled to allow for seamless conferencing to take place. In the age of hybrid working, all of our conference rooms are set up with technology to allow for people to be involved, whether they are in the room or not. 
You will find compatible screens and other conferencing equipment as well as high speed WI-FI to enable seamless presentations, conference video calling, and more.  
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Book a conference room

If you are interested in booking a conference room for a few hours or a full day in one of our Orega buildings you can do so easily through our online booking portal.

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Why choose a conference room?

If you're looking for a space to propose a new strategy, give a company update or look for a new place to run a team meeting - then a conference room could be right for you. 

Booking a conference room in one of our office buildings guarantees you a space with quality sound insulation, a concierge service, climate control and state of the art AV equipment. 

Our conference rooms come in a variety of sizes with some large enough for over 30 people. You can find conference rooms in typical boardroom setups or ones that can be used in a classroom or theatre configurations for more typical conference events and large presentations. Our conference rooms are adaptable to you. 

Products and Services in the UK

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    Serviced Offices

    We’re not precious about our name above the door! Brand our serviced offices as you like and move in quickly on flexible terms.
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    Virtual Offices

    Choose a modern and centralised location for your business address and project an image of professionalism with a virtual office.
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    Meeting Rooms

    Your guests will have no problem getting to our meeting rooms, with great transport links nearby.

Conference room FAQs

  • What is a conference room?

    A conference room is a larger type of meeting room, our conference room sizes are perfect for presentations, pitches, and running meetings when some attendees are conferenced in.

  • What is the difference between a conference room and a meeting room?

    Conference rooms tend to be slightly larger than meeting rooms, and will always have dedicated high tech equipment to allow for seamless presentations and video calls. Both are perfect places to run team meetings or present to clients in. 

  • How much does a conference room cost?

    Conference rooms come in a variety of sizes but will usually be large enough to accommodate over 5 people. You can find conference and meeting rooms in a variety of sizes. Our larger conference rooms are perfect for large group board meetings or hybrid meetings. We also have conference rooms which can be used in  theatre or classroom styles, perfect for company wide presentations. 

  • How much does a conference room cost?

    You can hire a conference room for as little as £25 for an hour, within that cost you will always be provided with notepads and pens. For a small additional cost you can also receive unlimited teas, coffees and biscuits for the duration of your booking. We also offer catering options, ideal for all day conferences. 

  • How to book a conference room with Orega?

    You can easily book a conference room with Orega by using our easy booking tool. Simply choose your ideal location, select the amount of people you need to be able to host, the date and duration required, and you will be able to find and book your ideal conference room solution in minutes.