Jeremy Chin-Fatt

Director of Central Sales Sales
Joined Orega in 2015 Years of experience: 26

About Jeremy Chin-Fatt

With over a decade of experience in the flexible office space industry, Jeremy joined Orega in 2015. As our Director of Central Sales, Jeremy heads our inbound business development and fostering relationships with office brokers. His expertise and dedication ensure that Orega continues to thrive as a leader in the serviced office sector.

Areas of expertise

  • Real Estate
  • Property
  • Customer Service delivery
  • Sales

Recent posts

14 December 2023

Should You Go For a Meeting Room With a View?

A meeting room with a view offers more benefits than giving attendees something nice to look at. At Orega, we have multiple options that come with windows, such as our spaces available at George Square in Glasgow, where you can enjoy a professional, state-of-the-art environment that also comes with...

5 July 2023

Using office interior design to create a zen office

Every company looks for ways to personalise their office space to make it reflective of the business while increasing comfort and boosting employee well-being.

27 June 2023

How to Set Up a Virtual Office?

As the country’s dynamic workforce continues to evolve, our options of where and how to work continue to change. Flexible workspaces, co-working options and even virtual offices are growing in popularity.

Unsure of what a virtual office is? Well it provides your company with a prestigious address,...

6 April 2023

Ideas for Team Meetings: How To Balance Online & In-Person Meetings in 2023

For many employers and employees alike, meetings can be a tricky part of the working day. Thanks to an increasingly hybrid workforce, you can’t rely on everyone being available in the office on any given day - so organising in-person meetings especially has become significantly more complex. For...

9 March 2023

The best things to have in your office space

The landscape of offices has changed drastically over the past decade. Attitudes to work have shifted, and so have the expectations of office design and amenities on offer in our workplaces.

21 February 2023

Our guide to office spaces for startups

As a startup, or newly established business, deciding when, where and even if you should invest in an office space can be a difficult decision.

7 February 2023

What is a Virtual Office? Your Virtual Office guide

What a typical office looks like has evolved over the past decade, from the rising prominence of open plan design, to the introduction of serviced offices and co-working spaces. But another office type which is seeing rising popularity is the virtual office - and for good reason.

31 January 2023

Training room guide: What makes a good one and why are they important?

At Orega we offer many services, all intended to improve your working environment and in turn your company functionality. Our serviced offices are all designed to bolster productivity and employee happiness, and this design ethos is extended to our training rooms too.

17 November 2021

Ranked: The Best Cities to Live and Work in the UK

Manchester is the best city in the UK to live and work in, according to the Orega Cities Index. Orega ranked cities based on pollution levels, access to parks, top restaurants, number of jobs, rental costs, and number of coworking spaces to find the best cities for young professionals. London,...

18 October 2021

10 Disadvantages of Coworking Spaces

Coworking is an up and coming office arrangement which allows employees from different companies to share a space and work alongside one another. There are many benefits to choosing a coworking space for your teams, such as saving on overheads, creating ample opportunities for networking and...