Small Meeting Rooms

Small Meeting Rooms For Hire

When it comes to small meeting rooms you can sometimes find yourself without the same high-tech equipment, and comforts you would expect in any other size meeting room. However, when booking a small meeting room with us you are guaranteed the same quality, amenities, and tech as you would get with any of our other bookable rooms…
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Small Meeting Rooms That Are Always Tech-enabled

At Orega, all of our meeting rooms - no matter the size - are always tech-enabled. Our smaller meeting rooms are never just a room with a table and chairs - they are spaces perfect for collaboration, that integrate comfort and reliable high-quality tech. 
In every room you will find, quality sound installation, super fast WI-FI, climate control, and state-of-the-art IT equipment. This allows for presentations to take place with ease, for people to be dialed in seamlessly, and for everyone present to stay connected for the duration of your meeting session.  Just because you require a smaller meeting room doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice connectivity with Orega. 
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Hire a Small Meeting Room

If you are interested in hiring a small meeting room for a few hours or a full day in one of our Orega buildings you can do so easily through our online booking portal.

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Why Choose a Small Meeting Room in an Orega Building?

Book a small meeting room in one of our Orega buildings across the UK for our brilliant concierge services, convenient central locations, and excellent connectivity and technology in all of our meeting rooms.

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Small Meeting Room FAQs

  • What else are small meeting rooms called?

    Small meeting rooms can be used for whatever you want them for, so they can go by different names like interview rooms, huddle rooms, catch-up rooms, etc. Small meeting rooms will usually cater for up to six people but are perfect for 1-2-1 meetings too.

  • How much does a small meeting room cost?

    You can hire a small meeting room for as little as £30 for an hour, within that cost you will always be provided with notepads and pens. For a small additional cost, you can also receive unlimited teas, coffees, and biscuits for the duration of your booking. We also offer catering options, ideal for all-day meetings. 

  • How to book a small meeting room with Orega?

    You can easily book a small meeting room with Orega by using our easy booking tool. Simply choose your ideal location, select the number of people who will be attending the session, the date and duration required, and you will be able to find and book your ideal meeting room solution in minutes.