Virtual Offices For Rent

Virtual Offices Support Sustainable Business Growth

Get the best of both worlds by combining a home office with a virtual office to create a professional impression or use our business addresses to test a new market. Keep your overheads low whilst you focus on delivering for your customers and growing your business. If you are wondering what a Virtual office is, we have plenty of information detailing what they are and what the copious benefits of them are too…
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Benefits Of A Virtual Office

  • enhance-your-brand-coral
    Enhance your brand
    Make your personality shine with a recognised location on your letterhead.
  • gain-a-foothold-coral
    Gain a foothold
    Grow your business cost-effectively by testing a market at minimal cost.
  • look-bigger-coral
    Look bigger
    Use a virtual office to big up your presence and gain more business.
  • in-when-youre-out-coral
    In when you’re out
    Avoid missed calls with a trained receptionist to answer for you.
  • drop-in-access-coral
    Drop-in access
    Register your virtual office address with us and drop into any Orega business lounge.
  • upgrade-when-ready-coral
    Upgrade when ready
    Use our virtual office as a springboard to a physical serviced office upgrade.

Compare Virtual Offices Packages


MyOrega Mail

from £59 PER MONTH

Direct your business mail to a prime virtual office address in our network. For more convenience, add a scan-to-email service or forward to a postal address of your choice. Boost your image with MyOrega Mail.

Use a prestigious postal address
Add a picture to your marketing
Mail signed for and collected
VIP service to welcome guests

MyOrega Business Address

from £79 PER MONTH

Unbeatable value if you want a registered business address with business lounge access, mail collection and a managed reception to greet your clients. Everything you get with MyOrega Mail, plus:

Register your company address
Access to our business lounges
Free tea and coffee
10% off our meeting rooms

MyOrega Virtual Office Pro

from £119 PER MONTH

The ultimate Virtual Office package for businesses that want all the benefits of the MyOrega business address package, plus everything you get with a serviced office at a fraction of the cost.

Dedicated phone number
Calls screened and forwarded
24hr personalised voicemail
20% off our meeting rooms

Discover our Virtual Office Solutions

  • Make The Best First Impressions

    Whether it’s London, Manchester, Birmingham or Leeds, we offer premium virtual office packages that provide you with a business address at any of our prime building locations across the country. Give your business the boosts it needs with an Orega virtual office, helping you tap into new markets, expand your client base and boost your company’s presence - all without paying for the physical office space.

  • Built for Customer Service

    Choose a MyOrega virtual office address and benefit from full access to our outstanding professional services, including efficient mail handling, call answering and personalised voicemails, as well as VIP services to welcome guests. We also offer use of our excellent building facilities as and when you need them, including modern meeting rooms, smart business lounges and complimentary hot drinks.

  • Flexible Office Solutions

    A virtual office offers the ideal solution for remote teams looking for a registered company address and a flexible office lease to accommodate their ever-changing needs. Our virtual office addresses give you the flexibility to customise your service package on an ongoing basis, enabling you to up or down-scale, or even upgrade to a physical serviced office if required.

Products and Services in the UK

  • service-offices-1

    Serviced Offices

    We’re not precious about our name above the door! Brand our serviced offices as you like and move in quickly on flexible terms.
  • virtual-offices-1-2

    Virtual Offices

    Choose a modern and centralised location for your business address and project an image of professionalism with a virtual office.
  • meeting-rooms-1

    Meeting Rooms

    Your guests will have no problem getting to our meeting rooms, with great transport links for all our locations. 

Virtual Office FAQs

  • What is a virtual office?

    A virtual office is a service that provides both employees and businesses with a physical address, without the need for an office. This is ideal for companies that don’t require a fixed address and can operate remotely. At Orega, we offer virtual registered office addresses in locations across the UK, in some of the most prestigious postcodes, such as central London. We have a variety of virtual office packages available to cater to your specific business needs, such as a dedicated telephone number, call screening, business mail services and access to our VIP business lounges. 

  • What are the advantages of a virtual office?

    Virtual offices are an ideal solution for businesses that don’t require a fixed office address. They offer the best of both worlds by giving businesses the flexibility of working from home but using one of our UK business addresses to operate in, or to test a new market. This is beneficial as it can help keep your overheads low, whilst you focus on delivering for your customers and growing your business.

  • How much does a virtual office cost?

    Our virtual office package prices start from £59, up to £179. However, these prices can vary depending on any additional features or services that are required.

  • Can a virtual office be used as a registered address?

    Yes, our virtual office packages allow you to register your business at one of our UK addresses. This can help enhance your businesses brand image, as well as portray a professional impression to your customers or clients.

  • How do you rent a virtual office with Orega?

    We have virtual office packages available in a variety of locations across the UK. Setting up a Virtual office address is easy.  You can set up your Orega virtual office, using our online booking portal in just a few simple steps.

    1. Head over to our virtual office booking portal
    2. Pick a location for your virtual office, from our locations across the UK
    3. Choose the virtual office package best suited to your needs
    4. Select to pay for your virtual room either annually or monthly
    5. Add your businesses details
    6. Pay online and secure your booking
    7. Complete! Your virtual office awaits