Should You Go For a Meeting Room With a View?

A meeting room with a view offers more benefits than giving attendees something nice to look at. At Orega, we have multiple options that come with windows, such as our spaces available at George Square in Glasgow, where you can enjoy a professional, state-of-the-art environment that also comes with the advantages that sunlight brings. 

Let's talk through some of the bonuses and see what our meeting rooms can offer you. 


What are the Benefits of Having a View?

Believe it or not, a room with a window can positively impact your productivity at work, so searching for spaces to rent that feature lots of windows is something to be considered.

How Natural Light can Improve Productivity

Multiple studies report that natural light works wonders for productivity due to a number of reasons. Having little exposure to daylight during the day can cause sluggishness, which leads to a less productive day. Natural light reduces how sleepy you get during the day, improves your quality of sleep when you go to bed and increases your energy levels, which should work to help you perform better. 

As well as helping fight off drowsiness, sunlight works well to help workers focus better, reducing eye strain and headaches, which again helps boost productivity by creating a more comfortable work environment. More natural light will also reduce the need for many artificial light fittings in the space, which can contribute to workers feeling irritated or becoming prone to seasonal affective disorder. Keeping workers happy in the office is vital, employee wellbeing and overall attitude will be directly reflected in their output, which makes creating a welcoming, comfortable office space a key factor in a successful business. 

According to a study carried out on nurses in Turkey, workers who were exposed to more daylight reported feeling more satisfied and less stressed about their work. Those who were not exposed as much were reported as more likely to make errors during the day, suggesting it  has a great benefit to one’s performance at work. 

Mark Lane Meeting Room Fenchurch

The Benefits of Ventilation

Windows will often give you the option of adding some extra ventilation into a room, improving the air quality within the space. Better air quality will improve the cognitive performance of employees, making opening the window up for some breeze a great idea to promote thoughts and creativity when in a meeting. Double glazed windows can also be great for keeping rooms warm during the colder months, increasing the comfortability of the room. 

Air quality can be improved even more by incorporating a biophilic design in the workplace too, a style which sees work environments connect with nature, boosting worker productivity and health. 

Our Best Meeting Rooms With Views 

Fortunately, Orega has a number of meeting rooms that come with a view, so you can book yourself in for a productive meeting. 

An example of this are the spaces available in the previously mentioned George Square, situated in the heart of Glasgow. 

Or, if you’re looking for a meeting room with a view near London, Orega’s spaces in Stockley Park are located in the middle of Uxbridge’s business district, a perfect location for professional inspiration. Coming with the integrated technology, suitable for groups of varying sizes, rooms here present a professional environment, with all the necessary features for you to have a productive meeting in, whether it’s an interview, a presentation, a training session or a brainstorm. 

Orega George Square Campbell meeting room 1

See what Orega’s meeting rooms and office spaces have to offer, with many locations and services available, there is always something we can offer your business. 


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