The Perfect Move-In

Focus on what's important - your business!

The Orega Perfect Move-in is designed to make sure you and your team have little downtime between office moves. 


The 3 steps to a perfect move-in

  1. Sales consultant identifies the requirements, timeline and details of your move-in plan.
  2. Centre Manager implements the plan within outlined time constraints to make sure everything is ready to go from day one.
  3. A 1-month review to ensure your needs are being met and you're completely satisfied with your new office.


The service that makes it perfect 

Our sales managers, centre managers and support team are on hand to make your move-in a perfect one. Your IT, telecoms, fixtures & fittings are all set up to your requirements before you move in giving you a plug and play experience and no downtime between moves.

Our Perfect Move-In's are as flexible as our offices - We arrange a launch event, contact local suppliers or decorators on your behalf and recommend suppliers for bespoke fit-outs.  

We pride ourselves on delivering the highest standard of service and will make sure your Orega experience is a pleasant one.