Training room guide: What makes a good one and why are they important?

At Orega we offer many services, all intended to improve your working environment and in turn your company functionality. Our serviced offices are all designed to bolster productivity and employee happiness, and this design ethos is extended to our training rooms too.

Hireable dedicated rooms are available for anything from meetings and calls to interviews and, of course, training sessions. Running and offering training sessions for employees is integral to a successful business and positive company culture - and so knowing what to look for in a good training room space is key.


When we leave education the learning doesn’t stop; ensuring your employees have access to dedicated training sessions to further their skillset and career development should be a top priority for all.

The pandemic changed the way we learn, and while some people relish online training sessions, there’s definitely something to be said for in-person interaction. We saw our training room bookings return to pre-pandemic levels in 2022 - the days of in-person training are clearly not behind us, and for good reason!

Involvement in training sessions or programmes can improve workplace productivity, performance and engagement in staff, as well as improving employee retainment. According to LinkedIn’s 2019 Workplace Learning Report - 94% of employees surveyed said they were more likely to remain with their employer if they invested in their learning and development.

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Encouraging training across your workforce is a sure fire way to show your staff they are valued and to improve their engagement in their day to day work. So if this has piqued your interest to start looking at more ways to deliver training across your company, think about these key factors when booking a training room.


To reap the rewards of offering training, it has to be an engaging and useful session for those attending - the configuration of the room can make or break your session.


Just like there are many physical room features that can improve workplace productivity, there are also a number of things to keep in mind when selecting and setting up a training room.


Natural light is important for a training room to have. It helps with productivity and alertness. A bright training room will encourage engagement, and creates a more pleasant environment for trainees than a dimly-lit room would. Having the presence of natural light can also make the room feel less closed in when there is a large group all participating together.

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For most training sessions, participants will be seated for the majority of them, so it goes without saying that the seating itself should be comfortable for all. A dedicated room for training should have comfortable ergonomic chairs to ensure attendee comfort and avoid distractions from having to frequently adjust seating.

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The setup of the room you desire may vary depending on the style of training being delivered. For most workplace training sessions though, the preferred room set up should be a board room or roundtable style. With this room setup you will encourage engagement and collaboration during the training. In other cases, a breakout area within the same room can create a more creative, less enclosed environment.

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Whilst you are probably looking to hire a training room in order to get people together for a session, sometimes staff will need to dial in - to cater for the increasingly prominent hybrid working model, your chosen training room should be able to facilitate video call dial-in.

Reliable Wi-Fi, screens that can be connected to, and access to a camera for video calling should all be present in a good training room. Hybrid training sessions - where some participants are at home and others are in the room - can be effective, but only if the tech is in place. A less-than-sturdy internet connection can lead to mass disruption for those at home and it could derail the entire session.

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If you are expecting employees to engage in a training session, whether it be for two hours or all day long, appropriate refreshments should be available. As well as having tea, coffee and water available throughout the session, regular breaks should also be encouraged to help retain attention.



All our spaces are equipped for you to deliver a successful and enjoyable training session with ease.

We offer a range of training rooms in our buildings across the UK. Whether you are already an Orega tenant or not, you can hire one of excellent training rooms which all include:

  • Quality Sound Insulation - reduces distractions across the building and allows training participants to speak and collaborate freely.
  • Fast, reliable Wi-Fi - enabling seamless training delivery and allows for participants to dial in when needed.
  • Climate Control - allows training sessions to run comfortably, no stuffy boardrooms!
    Smart Screen Displays Including a Camera - have employees easily dial into your training without feeling disconnected. And be able to present to your group with ease.
  • Notepads and stationery - we always provide notepads and stationery with a training room booking, so trainees can engage and take notes throughout.
  • Unlimited tea, coffee and water - we ensure your sessions can run smoothly without distraction by keeping you well watered!
  • Convenient locations - our office buildings can be found across the country in convenient locations, making it easy for your staff to get to our training rooms for sessions when needed.
  • Flexible bookings - we offer training room bookings for anything from one hour to all day.

If you would like to find out more about our bookable rooms, get in touch - we can help you find the perfect training room for your next session. Or if you know exactly what you want, you can easily book one of our training rooms online today.

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