30 August 2016

The 5 Benefits of a Workplace with a Gym

Image Source: Orega

Looking to get fitter, stronger and healthier but feel like you never have any time to go to the gym? This is actually the most common reason used by the public. Moving to an office or building with a gym could give you more opportunities to work out. Read more about the...

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7 August 2016

Is Technology At Work Affecting Your Health?

There's no doubt about it, technology consumes the majority of our lives nowadays. From smartphones and tablets to 3D printers and Virtual Reality - technology is rapidly evolving and doesn't look to be slowing down any time soon. With various technologies being used every day in the workplace it...

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30 July 2016

Advice from Chris Latham To Keep Fit & Healthy

It is officially Summer and that means everyone is trying to keep fit and healthy to get beach body ready. Being a professional athlete Chris Latham knows a thing or two about training, eating healthily and remaining at his peak performance. Read his advice to help you get in shape this summer:

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16 July 2016

Chris LATHAM's Favourite Cycle Route

"My favourite cycle route (providing the weather is glorious) is in Tenerife. The route is at a high altitude so you get a lot more benefits of training/sleeping up there.

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9 July 2016

Who Inspires Chris Latham for The Olympics?

There are many things that inspire Olympic athletes, Sir Chris Hoy famously spoke about how he was first inspired to get on a bike after watching the classic movie ET, whilst Dame Kelly Holmes was inspired by Sebastian Coe, the middle distance runner in the 1984 Olympics.

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21 October 2015

Going for Gold!

Orega sponsored cyclist Chris Latham has had an intense few weeks cycling and it will be finishing tonight with the final day of The London Six Day! 

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17 December 2012

How to avoid a Cold this Season

Are you constantly trying to avoid getting a cold during the winter season, especially when everyone in the office is always coughing or sneezing?

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