How to avoid a Cold this Season

Are you constantly trying to avoid getting a cold during the winter season, especially when everyone in the office is always coughing or sneezing?

Here are a few tips from us at Orega on how to avoid a getting a cold this winter:

1. A Clean Environment

We all know that there is more bacteria on a keyboard than on a toilet seat, so open up those anti-bacterial wipes and clean your office areas. That means your mouse and keyboard as well! Also make sure your carpets are kept clean as they can catch dust and bacteria in them. 

2. A Clean You

Keep your hands clean, especially after shaking hands with someone who has a cold. Wash your hands or invest in some anti-bacterial hand-gel. You could even suggest to your company to mount anti-bacterial gels in shared areas.

If you are sneezing it is always better to sneeze into your arm than into your hands. Why? Because people like to touch their face and eyes - meaning the bacteria goes from your hands straight into your nose and mouth. It's always best to try and avoid touching your face anyway.

3. Keeping Healthy

Drinking lots of water is really important to keep yourself hydrated and feeling in tip top condition.

4.Eat Super Foods

Luckily you don't have to go to Superman's Krypton to get them.

Oily Fish - Super rich in Omega 3, fish will help reduce inflammation that can prevent your immune system working correctly.

Garlic -This is one of the highest antioxidants and was shown to help prevent and ease colds. (NY Times)

Citrus Fruits - Unfortunately Vitamin C isn't as useful as we all once thought, but it can help reduce the length of a cold. (NHS)

A Nice Cup of Tea - Tea is high in antioxidants and soothes your throat. So keep those tea rounds going!

Milk - Full of wonderful Vitamin D, it helps build your immune system, gives you stronger bones and prevents heart disease.

Oats - Oats help lower your cholesterol and boost your immune system. So make sure you are eating your winter breakfast!

5. Keeping Active

By going for a brisk walk and doing some exercise, even a quick lap at lunch, can not only can you boost your immune system, it will also give you energy and make you happy. So brave the cold and have a stroll.

Tweet us @OregaOffices how you stay healthy this winter.

Have a wonderful Christmas season! 

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Jeremy Chin-Fatt

Director of Central Sales Sales
With over a decade of experience in the flexible office space industry, Jeremy joined Orega in 2015. As our Director of Central Sales, Jeremy heads our inbound business development and fostering relationships with office brokers. His expertise and dedication ensure that Orega continues to thrive as a leader in the serviced office sector.
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