Yoga Balls & Bean Bags: 10 Alternatives to Your Office Chair

Sitting in the same chair everyday can not only be harmful for your posture but can also have some potentially serious health consequences too. Being stationary in the same position all day has been linked to obesity and heart disease, and so an increasing amount of employers are realising the importance of keeping employees mobile throughout the day.

One way to do this is to switch up your office chairs - moving away from the wheel-around norm and introducing something a little more fun.

This simple change can help increase productivity in the workplace because your employees feel more comfortable, and it might help combat any aches and pains.

Here are some of our favourite office chair alternatives:

1. Bean Bag

Well-loved for being the fun, comfortable accessory for you to take a nap on, or lounge in front of the TV on - but now, the perfect office accessory, too! Bean bags create a relaxed atmosphere which can help employees feel more at ease, more creative and motivated whilst also lessening stress levels.

2. Balance Stool

Similar to the balance ball or exercise ball, a balance stool encourages you to keep a better posture and again, keeps you moving. Some offices opt for the stool rather than the ball because it stays in one place, it's just the top which moves.

3. Yoga ball

Also referred to as balance balls, these are great for keeping you active at your desk. The continuous movement of the ball means your body is always making little adjustments to keep the balance. Due to there being no back rest, it means you are unable to sit slouched, improving your posture.

4. Standing desk

The thought of being stood up all day probably doesn't sound appealing - our suggestion is to spend a few hours of the day at a standing desk, it gets you up out of your chair and forces you to move around. Remember, it's important to have your desk measured to the right height, one too low or too high could cause aches and pains.

5. Walking Desk

Similar to the standing desk, we'd suggest doing this for only a small part of your day. The walking desk has a treadmill built in, allowing you to keep active whilst you work - it's especially handy for those trying to keep their daily steps up!

6. Cycle Desk

For the same effect as the walking desk, why not try a cycle desk? It allows you to keep moving whilst being sat down and has been said to improve concentration.

7. Recliner

This is certainly more of a relaxed choice but your employees are sure to love it. Not only will a recliner chair help to destress but it'll also avoid any pain caused by bad posture.

8. Saddle Seat

For anyone with hip pain, the saddle chair may help. The saddle shaped stool forces you sit in a position that supports the natural curve in your spine, improving posture and comfort.

9. Swings

Not just for kids! Swings have actually been proven to boost moods in the workplace. Researchers found that swinging stimulates two body systems: vestibular and sensory. They also modulate mood states - when a swing moves in circles or twists it becomes a mechanism to excite and this effective alternative could act as a replacement for caffeine, or even help motivate employees.

10. Massage Chair

This may be a luxury for some but it could really benefit your business. Having 15-20 minutes in a massage chair will relieve muscle pain, improve sleep quality and help employees focus better.

Have you got any alternative office chair ideas to improve your workplace' productivity? Tweet us at @OregaOffices.

 Header Image Source: Envato -(CC BY 2.0)


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