The Rise of Wearable Tech in The Workplace

Wearable tech can give the user and their employer a range of benefits, from health to data collection to increased productivity. On the flipside, there are a range of barriers to the adoption of this type of tech, as privacy concerns for both employee and employer raise flags. Set to be a hot topic in in the upcoming years, we look at the wearables most likely to make an impact in the workplace:

1. Fitness Bands

Still the most promising of the wearables, tracking fitness and health continue to dominate the wearable tech market with 45% owning a fitness device according to a PwC survey. How does this translate to the workplace? Increasing awareness and encouraging a healthier lifestyle can only be good for productivity and reduce the number of sick days related to poor health. Employers are beginning to use the wearables as a way to gather important data and improve their overall culture of health in the workplace and employees are being incentivised financially.


2. Smart Watches

Devices such as the Apple Watch allow their users to access emails on the go, make and answer phone calls, set and schedule calendar reminders all from their wrist. Combine this with a pair of noise cancelling wireless headphones and you will be able to attend a conference call on the go. This tech will be perfect for mobile workers.


3. Smart Glasses

Smart Glasses are wearable computer glasses that have all features of a smartphone and add information alongside or to what the wearer sees. They are envisioned to change individual human behaviour as well as social interaction. After a pretty difficult entrance into the market, Google Glass could be making a comeback in AR revolution. Read more here.


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4. Smart Clothing

The one to watch, smart clothing is possibly one of the most exciting on this list with its entrance into the workplace. Similar idea to the Fitness bands, smart clothing uses small inconspicuous and customisable sensors that attach to your clothing like belt buckles, buttons and even your underwear. Tracking health and fitness is just the beginning for the smart clothing, soon they will be tracking emotional wellness using biometric data like breathing, heart rate and muscle tension. Unlike the band, watch and glasses, clothing must be worn every day (or you risk getting a disciplinary!). A must wear item, combined with sleek design and smart tech is sure to be a winner. 


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