The 7 Benefits of a Clean Desk Policy

Never heard of it? Well, a CPD or Clean Desk Policy is your employer's instructions which detail how all employees should leave their workspace at the end of their working day. People may roll their eyes and moan about having to be neater, tidier and in general more organised but in the long term a CPD can be beneficial to your business by:

1. Making it Safer

Confidential information lying around can put your business in jeopardy. Having loose sheets of paper with private details of upcoming deals, employees' information etc. can make you more susceptible to fraud, security breach or information theft. Removing printouts, post-its and even USB sticks at the end of the day will significantly reduce this risk.

2. Compliance

The UK's Data Protection Act requires businesses to ensure that personal information is kept secure. A Clean Desk Policy helps your business comply with these regulations.

3. Allows for Hot Desking

Having consistently clear desks, void of any personal documents or equipment allows you to capitalise on empty desk space. If your organisation has employees who only work part time or remotely then you can advertise their workspace for freelancers to use as hot desks.

4. Becoming More Efficient

According to a study, employees spend 2 hours on average per day looking for information. Having a CPD in place could make your employees more efficient and organised. They could feel more inclined to use digital documents instead, making them able to retrieve information quicker whilst also saving your business money on paper, toner etc.

5. Good First Impressions

Appearance matters. Having a clean, decluttered office creates a good first impression to your clients, business partners and especially the auditors. It presents your business as organised, presentable and trustworthy.

6. Reduce Stress

Feeling organised reduces your employees' stress levels. Knowing where everything is located makes them feel more efficient and in control, benefitting their wellbeing.


Did you recently have a cold? Do you eat lunch at your desk? "An office desk can be a haven for germs"Clean your desk and computer keyboard on a regular basis for the sake of your health.

Although there are benefits to incorporating a CPD into your business, some argue that it stifles creativity and makes the workplace less homely. How do you feel about your experience with a clean desk policy? Tweet us @OregaOffices!

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