10 Benefits of Business Networking


Networking is essential in achieving career and business growth and it isn't limited to attending physical conferences. Many interactions now occur online with LinkedIn having nearly 400 million users. There are many reasons to get out there and promote yourself and your business. Take a look at Orega's Top 10 benefits of networking:

1. Opportunities

When a large group of hungry business people get together opportunity comes knocking. Client leads, partnerships, joint ventures and sales are just a few opportunities that arise through networking. Before attending events make sure you know your current business objectives so that you only opt for business opportunities that are relevant to you.

2. Recruitment

Is your business expanding? Has your favourite employee just handed in their letter of resignation? Get to your next networking event and poach the hottest new talent. Employees that go to networking events are motivated and genuinely care about their career and company. 

3. Building your confidence

You may find it difficult walking into a room full of people and striking up a conversation with a complete stranger. This is networking, but don't let that put you off. Regularly attending events pushes you out of your comfort zone and builds your confidence. The more you attend the easier it becomes. This is really important as your career and business growth relies on you being able to speak confidently and make connections.

4. Connecting with key influencers

As the saying goes "it's not what you know but who you know" and this couldn't be truer in business. Attending events widens your circle of connections and gives you the opportunity to speak with influential people.

5. Getting motivated

Do you feel stuck in a rut at work? Are you looking for your next great business idea but can't quite get there? Networking events and speaking with influential people can leave you feeling inspired. Another person's experience could be the motivation you need to push you toward your next business venture.

6. Solving your problems

Speaking with industry experts or those with more experience in your field is greatly beneficial. Discussing the challenges you are currently facing opens the door to gaining advice and suggestions to help overcome your obstacles. 

7. Raising your profile

Regularly attending events and connecting with people over LinkedIn makes you a lot more visible and gets you noticed. Frequently interacting with people and imparting your knowledge builds your reputation as an expert in your field, leading to more referrals and business opportunities. 

8. Staying up-to-date

When networking with people in your field you will become aware of new trends and the latest industry developments. The digital world in particular advances rapidly, therefore networking puts you and your business at the front of the competition. 

9. Strengthening Relationships

Making new contacts and regularly engaging with existing ones build and develops trust. Continual networking means your relationships will go from strength to strength and leads to greater prospects for your business.

10. Friendships

Although conversations are mainly business related, regularly attending events with like-minded people is likely to lead to friendships. This makes attending events easier as you see more familiar, friendly faces and it is always good to have friends in high places. 

Do you organise or regularly attend networking events? Are you looking for a new and dynamic venue? Get in touch with Orega so that we can meet your networking requirements.

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