What Are The Key Benefits of a City Centre Serviced Office?

The hustle and bustle of a city centre can be the perfect motivation to keep your business on its toes. But what else can a city centre serviced office offer you?

1. Fresh talent

Millennials and young professionals, specifically, are attracted to living and working in thriving cities and the many exciting opportunities it offers. If you want to acquire talent, whether it be now or in the future, then a city office is definitely going to increase your chances.

2. Transport links

Being able to provide easy access for both your workforce and your clients is increasingly important. City centres are well connected with transport systems that run regularly and efficiently. If ease of access is important to you, then choosing a city centre serviced office is a no-brainer.

3. Business credibility

Adding a city centre address to your business can help create a much higher perception of your brand and help you to portray your business as a success. Compared to a rural office, a city centre office may help you acquire respectability. 

4. Networking opportunities

Being in a city centre gives you a greater opportunity to network. Being surrounded by motivated professionals from all kinds of industries can give you the chance to attract new clients, brainstorm ideas and collaborate with like-minded businesses.

5. Culture

Generally speaking, the culture of a city centre office can be much more attractive to employees and clients. Rather than expensive company outings or meetings to places that have to be travelled to, you can just walk down the road and pick from an array of bars, restaurants and cafes.

6. High-quality office space

You'll find most city centre office space was purpose built, providing high-quality furnishings and technology infrastructure. They've taken the hassle out of space planning and invested in researching the latest trends in employee satisfaction.

Not sure what kind of office space is right for your business? Use our Serviced Office vs Conventional Office quiz.

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