Is It The End Of Bottled Water In Offices?

More and more offices are jumping on the bandwagon of using refillable glass bottles instead of buying water in plastic bottles. So why is this becoming so important?


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2 million plastic bottles are used in the UK every day but only 25% are recycled the rest ending up in landfill where they take 450 years to decompose. This severely effects the environment.
Across the world it takes 17 million barrels of oil a year to produce all the plastic bottles. That is the equivalent to keeping 1 millions cars going for a 1 year.
By drinking tap water you are reducing the amount of plastic in landfill and reducing oil consumption used to make plastic bottles.

Other organisations are also trying to promote the reusable culture. Glastonbury encourages festival-goers to bring refillable water bottles and Starbucks give you money off every time you bring your own mug rather than using a disposable coffee cup. 

But it isn't just the environmental impact that is significant for a business. Using tap water over bottled water could save you a significant amount of money. Britons currently spend £1.5 billion on bottled water each year. Tap water only costs around 0.097p a litre, whereas bottled water costs 500 times that amount. Introducing refillable bottles into your office could save you a substantial amount of money, compared to buying bottled water.


Orega have always promoted using tap water over bottled water by having water filter systems that chill and heat tap water instantly for the benefit of our clients. In addition for our new serviced office, Orega Chancery Lane, we have teamed up with Pure Water to provide refillable glass bottles for our meetings and offer our clients water that isn't just tasty but is supporting the environment.

What do you think about using filtered tap water over water in plastic bottles? Tweet us at @OregaOffices!


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