Does Location Matter?


Is the location of where you work important? There are some instances where location is becoming less important, for example if you have a purely online business. With the advances in technology, more and more people are viewing business location as obsolete. However, for many businesses and entrepreneurs that have still to establish their professional reputation and image, location holds a lot of value. 

Why location matters

When recruiting talent, location is a big selling point for your business. Being in city centre locations, close to accessible transport links or near lots of bars and restaurants, could make the difference between whether a new recruit chooses to work with your business or not. Unless a business has created its status as a big name employer where job seekers will move town or country to work for them, the location will be heavily considered before accepting a job. 

The location of a new business can either enhance or inhibit its reputation and image. Organisations that work in metropolitan, trendy areas are usually viewed favourably over those that are based in a rural business park. Potential investors, clients, employees and business partners are excited by prestigious locations.

Even though open global markets, rapid transportation and high speed communications can allow any company to source anything from any place at any time, location still remains central to competition. Being surrounded by other companies in the same industry could lead to an increase in productivity to ensure businesses stay competitive. Read our newest study here.

Did you know, Orega selects  buildings based on their prime business locations? That is why our newest business centre in Aberdeen is located on the most prestigious high street in the Granite City.


If you are looking to move office, we offer contemporary space throughout our business centres in the UK. Get in touch with our team for more information or to arrange a tour.

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