Our managed moving-in solution - 'The Perfect Move-In' - allows you to move into your completely set-up office with little downtime. We take care of your IT & telecom requirements, arrange fixtures and fittings how you want them and contact suppliers on your behalf to ensure your move-in goes as smoothly as possible. 

The 3 steps to a Perfect Move-In

1. Sales consultant identifies requirements and details of your move-in plan

2. Centre Manager implements the plan within outlined time constraints

3. A 1 month review to ensure your needs are being met

The service that makes it Perfect

Our sales managers, centre managers and support team are on hand to make your move-in a perfect one. Your IT, telecoms, fixtures & fittings are all set up to your requirements before you move in giving you a plug and play experience and no downtime between moves.

Our Perfect Move-In's are as flexible as our offices - We arrange a launch event, contact local suppliers or decorators on your behalf and recommend suppliers for bespoke fit-outs.  

We pride ourselves on delivering the highest standard of service and will make sure your Orega experience is a pleasant one.