The Future of the Office Space Across Industries

As COVID-19 adapted the way we work across the globe, and across industries, we recently conducted a survey to uncover what the post-pandemic 'office of the future' will look like across different industries.

Across all industries, there is a growing demand for more facilities to be provided, or better provisioned for: In this, there was a strong demand for:

  • Quiet spaces to escape interruptions and get work done (58%)
  • More privacy in the office (53%)
  • Better provision of fresh air (52%)
  • Suitable and controllable temperature (49%)
  • Self-serve barista-style coffee (37%)
  • Staffed in house cafe (37%)
  • Informal style meeting rooms i.e. brainstorm rooms, creative spaces (36%)
  • Amenities such as gyms (35%)

As the workplace continues to demand more versatility, comfort, and amenities, flexible workplaces are aligning more with these changing needs.

When broken down by industry, results showed:


As hybrid working gradually becomes the new normal, there has been a significant shift in expectations of a new home-office balance.

Across all industries, respondents have seen a shift from pre-pandemic worklife. In industries like Banking, Finance and Insurance, 75% of respondents were working in the office everyday pre-covid. By comparison, 54% now expect there to be a mix of work from home and office work, and 15% expect to become full-time home workers.

Other industries showed a shift:


While the office has become a place that offers more flexibility, it is still a highly valued space for individuals, with 67% saying it's important for collaboration and communication, and 78% of businesses and 81% of employees wanting to keep working in an office.

With a shift toward more privacy, creative spaces, and of course, amazing coffee, Orega is here to provide the perfect post-pandemic office space - with the help of our new coffee machines where you can order your latte via Siri and an app.

If you're looking to rent a flexible office for your business, please check out our office locations or get in touch with our team for more information.

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Jeremy Chin-Fatt

Director of Central Sales Sales
With over a decade of experience in the flexible office space industry, Jeremy joined Orega in 2015. As our Director of Central Sales, Jeremy heads our inbound business development and fostering relationships with office brokers. His expertise and dedication ensure that Orega continues to thrive as a leader in the serviced office sector.
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