Above-market returns in an uncertain world

We specialise in Management Agreements, which are a more stable and profitable alternative to the traditional lease. Our experience shows that the best returns are generated by partnerships - not a one-off real estate transaction. So we will work with you to generate the maximum returns over the course of the agreement - offering certainty, full transparency and improved earnings for you.
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Higher returns with less risk - faster

With Orega, you won't have to worry about tenents re-negotiating leases or outstanding rent payments - or the threat of SPV collapse. Orega has a proven track record of delivering reliable, above-market returns over 20 years.
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Over 20 years of market experience.

Founded in 2001, we're clearly not newcomers to the flex market - but we're also not a global business with heavily centralised, faceless systems. We value the personal touch at every level, from the front desk to landlords and investors. Our culture of hospitality-first creates client retention rates and NPS scores which are significantly higher than the industry norm.
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