Why do I need to visit the centre to get prices?

Unlike most products, there is not one price per office.  When you visit our building, we will present you with two different offices, and will review your current and future needs. Viewing the offices also identifies any amendments you may need in order to make the space your own. At the end of your visit, we are then able to produce a precise quote, which we can present to you on the day. 

What size of company will you accept?

We will accept any size company provided we have the right number of workstations left available. Our smallest client has been just one person, whilst our largest had 220 workstations and occupied most of the building.

Are there any industries you can’t accept?

We find that even companies within the same industry can have very different requirements, so we never jump to conclusions. Examples of requests we can’t fulfil due to the shared office environment are those for warehousing, private kitchens or bathrooms, children or animals. We are also not D1 registered.

What’s your availability?

Our availability changes on a daily basis depending on actions taken by both our internal clients and new prospects. We only consider an office to be unavailable when there is a signed agreement for a minimum of three months with a paid deposit. Until we receive funds, the office remains available in our systems.

Do you have meeting rooms?

All our business centres aim to have three or more meeting rooms at any one time, most of them having four permanent rooms with concertina walls for large meetings.

Do any of your business centres have gyms?

Although our centres don’t have their own gym, all of our centres have one located within five minutes, and our centre managers have negotiated business membership rates where possible.

What are your IT charges?

Our sales managers are equipped with our IT price list but they will talk you through the price of IT when you visit after they understand not only how many people will be using it, but what download speed you need to operate.

How secure are the offices?

All our buildings are fitted with 24/7 security and most have additional security features dependent on their location, such as 24/7 security guards, SmartWater and private CCTV. To access our buildings at any time of day requires a swipe card, which we issue to all your employees upon move-in. Each card is also logged in our systems. Every office has its own door lock, and our pedestals and cabinets are also lockable.

Can I bring in my own phone lines?

There is no cost savings involved in bringing your own phone lines. Orega can port your numbers into our telephony environment and offer competitive call packages in most cases.

Can I bring in my own data circuit?

Orega provide dedicated IP addresses and assist in the migration of your circuit to ours. Orega data is is secure and resilient.

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